How Inecom helps MLS, a logistics company to improve the efficiency of its warehouse.

MLS Logistic Services Pte Ltd was set-up to provide 3PL and 4PL services to medical manufacturers and distributers.

In 2013, MLS and their sister companies decided to look for a new system to support their business growth and provide traceability for their distributed items. It is a regulatory requirement in the medical industry to be able to trace by serial numbers or by batch the end destination of their sold items and retain that information for 7 years. SAP Business One was chosen in part due to its ability to meet these requirements and also because of its user-friendliness. Inecom was chosen as MLS’s preferred vendor for two main reasons. First; because of Inecom’s extensive experience in implementing and supporting companies in the medical industry. Second; due to Inecom’s in-house developed add-ons to enhance the standard SAP Business One functionality.

MLS was the 2nd company in the group to go-live. Using the SAP Business One prototype developed for the group as the foundation, MLS was able to go-live in just 2 months. The project included not only the standard SAP Business system One but also Inecom’s Advanced Warehouse Management System to improve the productivity of its Warehouse operation, a key aspect for any 3 or 4PL provider. Some of the benefits which translate into tangible cost savings include.

  • Improved manpower productivity
  • Elimination of processing errors – WMS systems should achieve 99+% data accuracy
  • Shorter lead times/ reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Better warehouse space utilization
  • Better customer service

The principle benefit was a reduction in staff numbers to manage the warehouse operation. Those staff could be reassigned to other roles. The group is now looking to deploy other productivity solutions, such as Intercompany integration.