Seminar – SAP Business One Seminar on Achieving Optimum Inventory Levels.

Knowing your companies’ optimum inventory level is an important exercise but not an easy one. Stock outs can lead to lost sales, and holding more inventory than you can afford can lead to serious cash-flow problems.

Join us in our SAP Business One seminar to see how we can improve sales through better inventory availability; reduce back-orders and better manage your cash flow. Some of the features that will be covered in the product demonstration include :

  • Access to real-times stock levels
  • Inventory forecasting and replenishment planning – e.g. forecasting for highly seasonal and slow moving items.
  • Identify excess and obsolete stock.
  • Handle multiple UOM – e.g. buy in tonnes, sell in lengths and how to track loose lengths of material.
  • Back-to-back order functions and traceability between transactions.
  • Big data analytics – e.g. sales analytics by country, region, stock group.
  • Financial KPIs – e.g. cash flow forecast, order to cash and inventory turnover.

To register for the event please contact Ei Ei at 6225 9255.



2:45pm Registration

3:00pm Welcome Speech

3:15pm Optimizing Your Inventory Levels

3:30pm SAP Business One Demo

4:45pm Q & A

5:00pm Refreshment