Inecom successfully completes ERP Project for CEH Group (Manufacturing and Distribution)

news3Established in the 1920s, CEH Group has since grown to a strength of about 700 employees in over 42 offices in 13 countries. CEH has 3 major divisions with numerous subsidiaries under each division. Those divisions are Polymers, Automation and Trading & Property. Notable entities under these divisions include “Nitti” brand of safety boot products and “GMA” brand of polyurethane processing equipment.

CEH’s previous system had significant limitations and their software vendor had withdrawn support for their version, leaving CEH in a perilous position should there be a significant issue. CEH needed a system which was fully integrated and on a real-time platform to provide greater visibility and maintain tighter control over their manufacturing and warehouse operations.

SAP was chosen due to the management’s confidence in the SAP brand as the world’s leading ERP software producer and the functionality and user-friendliness of SAP Business One. Inecom was selected after an extensive evaluation period due to its strong record in the manufacturing sector. CEH and Inecom devised a phased implementation approach. Phase 1 of the implementation was carried out by Inecom to CEH’s four Singapore entities. Inecom proposed its Inecom Reporting Package and Quality Control add-ons for a more controlled workflow.

After the successful implementation of Phase 1 in July 2015, CEH and Inecom has continued to Phase 2 of the implementation, rolling out to China Subsidiaries which target to go-live by Jan 2016.