Inecom is invited to present at SCCCI’s workshop on “Strategies to Tackle Business Challenges

Inecom was invited to be one of the speakers at the recent SCCCI workshop on “Strategies to Tackle Business Challenges.”  Speakers came from multiple industries to discuss the pain points that SMEs are facing in this fast moving, increasingly competitive and data driven era. Topics included how to optimize business processes, the importance of service reliability and innovations on how to recruit and retain staff through corporate culture.

Inecom presented on the importance of protecting the trust customers have built in your organization, with a particular focus on service continuity through the minimizing of IT system downtimes. Effective back-up strategies and disaster recovery services were some of the points raised on how this can achieved.  As companies become increasingly reliant on IT systems, it has become even more important to ensure that downtimes become a rarity and your companies’ data is secure. When IT systems go down it not only effects the company itself, but also its customers.

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