Building business security with improved cashflow and performance visibility

Inecom and SAP invite you to its technology forum held in conjunction with the SCCCI. The following topics will be covered.

Optimizing Inventory
knowing your companies’ optimum inventory level is an important exercise but not an easy one. Stock outs can lead to lost sales, and holding more inventory than you can afford can lead to serious cash-flow problems. Learn how technology can optimize your inventory.

Analytics for SMEs
The days in which reports were static and analyzing historic data from a previous month to make current decisions are disappearing. Modern solutions empower users to analyze real time data, allowing front line staff to design their own reports and view them in graphical forms.

Business Continuity and protecting your data
how many businesses are able to confidently assure their customers over the reliability of their operations? IT systems have a vital role in ensuring the continuity of any companies’ operations/services. When IT systems go down the impact is not only felt by your staff, but by your customers as well. Learn what options SME’s have today to ensure they are protected against the disasters that can befall your business.

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