Inecom and SAP jointly hold a technology forum
Inecom and SAP jointly hold a technology forum in conjunction with the SCCCI, focused on ‘Improving Cashflow and Performance Visibility with IT systems.”

Inecom and SAP held a technology forum with SCCCI covering three topics which can accelerate the growth of SMEs in the future years.  The topics includes, optimizing Inventory, analytics for SMEs and service continuity through the protection of your data.

Our first speaker, Ms Chua Beng Choo (Inecom Singapore Managing Director) discussed how knowing your companies’ optimum inventory is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and avoiding tying capital up in over stocked raw materials or finished goods.  Ms Chua shared how modern ERP systems are enabling that practice.

The second speaker, Mr Stefan Roesler, (SAP SEA Head Solutions specialist)shared how SAP Hana, through the innovation of in-memory computing, is empowering users to generate their own analytics real time and make decisions more efficiently and accurately. This switch is essential in this era’s fast changing business environment and provides companies greater agility then using past practices of analyzing historic data.

Our final speaker Mr Ronan Byrne (Inecom Director of Engineering services) introduced the concept of data security and IT system continuity, highlighting the risks that SME’s face from a day’s downtime. He explained how simple best practices for backups can help and beyond that how the cloud is changing the standards.