Webinar – Improving Inventory Management

ERP solutions providing supply side and warehouse automation can have a significant effect on your company’s performance. A Pricewaterhouse study has shown that on average a company’s warehouse costs account for approximately 2-4% of its revenue, and that doesn’t take into account the inventory stored in that warehouse. That means any reduction in warehousing costs has strong correlative effect on bottom line of a business.

The benefits and return on investment will usually come from the following key areas:

  • Labor efficiency
  • Improved inventory turnover
  • Space saving
  • Reduction in rogue deliveries
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Modern ERP systems such as SAP Business One are going even further. With the analytical capabilities of SAP Business One, companies can now generate inventory forecasts using advanced forecasting algorithm’s, taking into account seasonal inputs based on historic data. This enables companies to prevent over or under stocking and all the inefficiencies that accompany that.

Join us for our upcoming webinar to see how SAP Business One could be helping your company improve its inventory management and therefore its financial performance.

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