Webinar – SAP Business One HANA – Are you updated or out-dated?

Most SAP customers have heard about SAP Business One HANA version. But many do not understand why they should adopt this technology. More so, many customers are not aware that SAP is focusing almost their entire R&D resources on the HANA version. There are many features currently only available in the HANA version and the difference between the traditional SQL and HANA versions is growing yearly.

There are many myths about SAP HANA;

  • HANA is for multinational companies only.
  • HANA is very expensive.
  • The HANA server costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • HANA is for reporting only.
  • HANA is a new technology and is not stable.

Join us in our upcoming webinar and we will address these myths and demonstrate how you can benefit by adopting HANA;

  • Enterprise search – have a search engine within your ERP solution.
  • Business insights – use pre-defined dashboards, KPIs and analytics from day 1 and see how your company is performing.
  • Interactive cash flow forecast – how to manage your cash flow in weak economic conditions.
  • Delivery schedule management – to better manage order fulfilment requirements.
  • Inventory forecast – use statistical models to forecast your inventory levels.

Runs 300 times faster with in-memory technology – how to speed up functions like MRP, scheduling, and complicated reports.

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