Webinar – Improving Profitability Series: Tip No. 1- Know what your customers want

Knowing and understanding what customers want and need is at the centre of every successful business. It is critical that companies develop capabilities in obtaining and analyzing customer intelligence that will help them choose the products and services that can generate sales and maximize profitability.

Inecom invites you to our new ‘Ten Tip’ webinar series, where we will share some of insights Inecom has gathered from many years of deploying ERP systems to over 400 customers across multiple industries. The topic for this month’s webinar is ‘Know what your customers want,’ which will cover the following topics:

  • Use CRM system to enhance your customers’ experience.
  • Display ‘Customer who bought this also bought’.
  • 360o view of each customer – including sales revenue, A/R collection and complaints.
  • Pre-packaged analytics like Top 5 sold items, customers, profitable items; logistics KPI and more.
  • From data to insights – slice and dice, drill-down, roll-up and pivot.
  • Use mobile sales to increase revenue and lead generation.
  • Use Campaign Management to sell slow-moving stock.

Please see the below white paper and join our upcoming webinar to find out how these tips and the use of SAP Business One, can help provide your company insights into what your customers really want.

To register, call EiEi at 6225 9255 or email to

pdf Tip 1 – Know What Your Customers Really Want