Web Training – Year End and Stock Take Procedures

This is a generic session and we will provide you the steps and checklist when performing stock take and year-end closing.

NEW: we have added the following topics;

  • Currency Revaluation (Exchange Rate Differences)
  • Create/Closing Fixed Assets posting periods
  • Year-end closing of Fixed Assets module
  • How to enter Audit Adjustment JE
  • How to post back-dated transactions to previous year if your company uses period indicator/different numbering series for different years
  • Printing financial reports before and after year end (different options of financial reports)
  • How to resolve common error messages (e.g. Date Deviates from permissible range, Period is locked for new data, you are not authorized to post to period with Closing status)

Target audience: Finance Manager and operations users.

Please register by 2nd of March to secure a spot for the workshop. You may contact support at 6225 9255 or email to for any queries relating to the workshop.

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***