Webinar – Improving Profitability Series: Tip 2 – Flag Low Profit Orders

In business, it is essential to know which products and customers are profitable and how lucrative they actually are. Your highest revenue generating customer may seem important, but in reality might not actually generate any profit, or even worse might be a loss making account. A modern ERP system with integrated business intelligence tools can easily provide all the key metrics that you need to analyse your customers and products, and rank them from high to low value on the basis of their profit contribution.

Inecom invites you to attend the latest installment of our ‘Ten Tip’ webinar series, where we will share some of  the insights Inecom has gathered from over 15 years of deploying ERP solutions to over 400 customers across multiple industries. The focus for this month’s webinar is ‘Flag Low Profit Orders,’ which will cover the following topics :

  • CRM opportunity management.
  • E-commerce/ sales portal.
  • Best practices available on Gross Profit and Credit approval of quotations and orders.
    • Based on minimum GP percentage or maximum discount percentage.
    • Define limits by document, line level, customer group, manufacturers etc.
    • Credit approval based on credit limit, change of approved payment terms, overdue invoices.
  • 360o view of each customer – including sales revenue, profitability and A/R collection.
  • Profitability analysis – by order, project, product group, cost centre, customer etc.
  • Pre-packaged analytics like Top 5 sold items, slow moving stock, financial and logistics KPI.
  • From data to insights – slice and dice, drill-down, roll-up and pivot.

Please see the below white paper and join our upcoming webinar to find out how these tips and the use of SAP Business One, can help provide your company insights into improve your business profitability.


Tip 2 – Flag Low Profit Orders