Webinar – How modern manufacturing companies are utilising technology 

It was reported that Singapore’s manufacturing output in December 2016 increased 21.3% as compared to a year ago. Though demand may be returning, most manufacturers accept that they cannot return to the reliance on cheaper labour costs to meet that demand. With tighter labour market, investments in productivity improvements is the only way to plug the gap.

The Singapore government continues to incentivise manufacturers for implementing Industry 4.0. These include the use of robotics, modern ERP solutions, connected and integrated machinery (Internet of Things), cloud computing platforms and business intelligence software analysing large volumes of data. The benefits of embracing this principle are numerous and include greater control of production costs, better resource utilisation and improved cash flow, to name a few.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to see how Inecom and SAP Business One HANA can help you gain competitive advantage over other manufacturers and prepare for the next stage of Industrialization.