Webinar – ERP Solution for Project-based Companies (Manufacturing, Construction and Oil & Gas)

Does your company fall into one of the categories below?

  • A services company delivering services on a project-by-project basis.
  • A trading company supplying products by project.
  • A manufacturing company providing custom-built equipment or engineering-to-order
  • An engineering and/or construction company which designs and builds infrastructure, buildings and/or production facilities.
  • An offshore oil and drilling contractor.

Then you have probably experienced some of the challenges that project-based businesses face in finding off-the-shelf software solutions to meet their business needs. Standard accounting and ERP software solutions tend not to adapt well to project based businesses; often failing to provide key performance information and spawning complicated Excel spreadsheets to manage project claims, to provide project supporting documents and track project status delivered items, installed items, certified or claimed items.

Alternatively, some companies engage IT vendors to customize a solution which generally leads to high maintenance costs in the future.

If you are a business in one of these categories, then join us in our upcoming webinar where we will discuss;

  • How SAP Business One’s best practice templates can help in:
    • Project tendering and planning
    • Managing project budgets, material and expenses
    • Managing claims (delivered items, installed items, material on-site/off-site, certification and claims)
    • Managing project tasks and resources
    • Material planning – customer delivery dates, lead times, EOQ, MOQ, BOM
    • Tracking production or fabrication processes
    • Financial and operational analytics
  • Government grants available

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