Web Training – Project Management and Project Costing

If your company handles projects, we will show you the different functions that you can consider:

Standard B1 functions

  • Creating project code in B1
  • Creating budget scenario for each project
  • Tagging project code to transactions
  • Installment payments
  • Financial reports and analytics by project
  • Project management and tasks

Overview of Inecom Progress Billing functions

  • Defining project code, budget and billing types – milestone billing, T&M or both.
  • How to track delivery, installation, certification, claim and VO
  • Project documentation – payment claim and supporting documents, subcontractor claims, Project P&L etc.

Target Audience: Project Manager, Finance Manager

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***

SAP Business One Web Training Schedule For Year 2018

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