SCCCI 20th Annual SME Conference – Challenges and opportunities of the new digital-led paradigm

The annual SME conference and exhibition on 15th and 16th August gathered some 6000 participants this year.

Mr Roland Ng, the Chinese Chambers President, brought up three key challenges faced by SMEs today: rising business costs, manpower shortages and stiff competition in the local market. The conference addresses how technologies can help companies make the digital transformation and overcome these challenges.

This is the 6th year that Inecom had participated in this annual EXPO. This year, we showcased solutions on how we can help SMEs with their digital transformation. The solution is not just about implementing standard ERP functions. We demonstrated how SMEs can use technology to automate labour intensive tasks; use machine learning to predict customers’ buying patterns and forecast inventory levels; and use mobility applications to help employees stay in touch and optimize operational performance.