Webinar and Free Trial – Embark on your digital Service with SAP Business One

The increasing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed the way we work. Digitally savvy customers and employees are becoming more demanding. As everyone is short of time, they want prompt responses, real-time information to make effective decisions and technology that can free them from boring and mundane aspects of their jobs.

Join us in a 1-hour webinar and we will show how a smart ERP solution like SAP Business One can reduce manual work and increase customer and employee satisfaction dramatically. Some key points of our presentation include:

  • Tracking of service calls, service contracts and spare inventories and rotable parts.
  • Handling of renewal billings for service contracts, or time and materials billings for ad-hoc service requests.
  • Service mobile apps for field service staff on the go.
  • Service analytics using big data and machine learning.
  • Examples of how digital IoT applications can help in service environment
    • Helpdesk chatbots – use of WhatsApp to help in your service centre/call centre
    • Use sensors to initiate service process – create a service ticket when an event happens (e.g. when temperature changes in the cold room, when the light in the room is turned off, or when an equipment drops on the ground)

After the webinar, all attendees are entitled to 1-week free trial of SAP Business One HANA on the cloud.

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