Webinar – Medical and Pharmaceutical Compliance in SAP Business One

For good reason, the medical and pharmaceutical industry is known for its strict regulatory requirements. Certifications and agencies such as GMP, GDP, HSA and FDA ensure that the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products remain consistent. As these agencies frequently update or introduce regulations, it is essential that companies have a flexible and cost-effective ERP solution to meet the evolving regulatory requirements.

Join our webinar to find out why SAP Business One HANA is the ideal solution for companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Understand how the solution makes regulatory compliance a simpler proposition and how it can help drive productivity improvements in your company.

Our online product demonstration will also include these functions;

  • Sales order controls, preventing orders being placed without valid licenses.
  • Recording of approved HAS supplier, importer and wholesaler’s license.
  • Tracking of QC number, batch number and country of origin for incoming raw materials and finished goods.
  • Handling of Raw Material Production (RMP) and Packaging Material Requisition (RMR).
  • Generation of Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) and Batch Packing Record (BPR).
  • Notifications of expiring batches.
  • Handling of FEFO, FIFO enabled picking strategy.
  • Computerized record – restricted access, audit trail and back-up.
  • Receiving and distribution records, invoices and delivery orders.
  • Business intelligence on production and inventory.

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