Smart ERP series | 5 reasons for replacing your legacy system – Mobile App

This is part of the Smart ERP series program. To achieve the objectives of digital transformation – to serve your customers better and to become a company that is adaptable to changes – you have to replace your legacy accounting or ERP system. 

In each of the series, we will discuss one key technology area and how it can help your business. In today’s series, we focus on mobility solutions in the workplace and how it can be easily deployed to improve employees’ efficiency and productivity.

I. Mobile App

87% of companies require employees to access mobile applications for work related activities. However, the most commonly used applications are overwhelmingly for the purpose of communication; think Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. 

Despite improvements in communication capabilities, many companies have not embraced mobility to improve their business processes. Interaction with enterprise software solutions is predominantly still through personal computers.  

These are some of the reasons;

  • Companies are using legacy ERP systems that do not have a standard mobile application offering.
  • The ‘mobile solutions’ that are offered by legacy ERP vendors are often browser-based and not mobile friendly.
  • Internal IT functions are concerned about the deployment, management and security of mobile applications.

In contrast, SAP a multinational software company, offers out-of-the-box mobility solutions which are easy to deploy. SAP Business One, SAP’s ERP solution for SMEs, is a ‘digital hub’ which integrates seamlessly with mobile applications. Employees can securely access real-time business information or execute business transactions while they are out of the office.

Designed for different users in mind, the mobile applications can help the service workforce, sales personnel, or managers on the go. They are easy to use and intuitive. In addition, backed by SAP’s innovative in-memory HANA technology, the application uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users with their decision making. 

Click here to view the Service Mobile demo video and Sales Mobile demo video.  

As part of the program, register now for the orientation web-demo and trial ERP and mobility solution.

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