Smart ERP series | 5 reasons for replacing your legacy system – Configuration

This is part of the Smart ERP series program. To achieve the objectives of digital transformation – to serve your customers better and to become a company that is adaptable to changes – you have to replace your legacy accounting or ERP system. 

In each of the series, we will discuss one key technology area and how it can help your business. In today’s series, we focus on configuration.

III. Configuration

Customers increasingly desire choice and an ability to configure products or solutions to their preference. Industries ranging from the automobile and smart phones to hospitality thrive when they allow customers to personalise their products and services. This trend has spread to companies using enterprise software solutions; more businesses want the ability to configure their solutions to meet their preferences and unique workflows, without the need to customise the solution.

Customisation projects have notoriously encountered problems such as higher implementation and unexpected costs, an extended live run period, greater risk of failure, and a lack of continuity in the software (as newer versions may not support customisations made on an older version).

In contrast to legacy ERP systems, modern ERP systems such as SAP Business One provide a wide range of configuration features that do not require any customisation. Here are some of the customisation functions available in SAP Business One:

These are some of the reasons;

    • Forms settings – Users can change the look and feel of data entry screens.
    • User defined fields and tables – Users can add new fields as well as validation settings to fields.
    • Print layout / Crystal report designer – Users can change the layout of printed documents to send to customers or suppliers.
    • Changing cockpit of users – Users can add dashboards, KPIs and frequently used functions to the main screen.
    • Alerts and approval procedures – Users can create exception management notifications or set up electronic approvals on transactions.

For more complex enhancements, SAP Business One provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to interface external applications or to add custom functionality without amending the core ERP software code. This maximises the benefits from your enterprise solution investment as it ensures that enhancements are easy to maintain and do not need to be rewritten for system upgrades. 

Watch this video to see how you can easily configure screens and forms in SAP Business One.

As part of the program, register now for the orientation web-demo and trial configuration features in SAP Business One.

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