Web Training – Year End and Stock Take Procedures

In this session, we will provide you the steps and checklist for performing stock take and year-end closing.

  • Currency Revaluation (Exchange Rate Differences)
  • Create/Closing Fixed Assets posting periods
  • Year-end closing of Fixed Assets module
  • How to enter Audit Adjustment journal entries
  • How to post back-dated transactions to previous year if your company uses period indicator/different numbering series for different years
  • Printing financial reports before and after year end (different options of financial reports)
  • How to resolve common error messages, examples:
    “Date Deviates from permissible range”
    “Period is locked for new data”
    “You are not authorized to post to period with Closing status”

Target Audience: Finance Manager, Key Finance Users, Key Operations Users, SAP IT Support

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***

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