Webinar – Up to 70% funding available for Technology projects; what you need to know about the EDG grant

The new Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) was launched on 25th October 2018 to support companies in the upgrading of business capabilities, innovation and internationalisation. 

Here are some digitalisation projects that you may be considering for your business:

1. Warehouse Management System
To enhance your company’s supply chain cycle, a capable Warehouse Management System (WMS) could be very useful. A good WMS can provide visibility into an organization’s inventory at any time and location, whether in a facility or in transit, and let you have a better overview of inventory information for faster service fulfillment. 

2. e-Commerce / Customer Sales Portal

If your sales teams are having trouble handling large amounts of orders, you may consider implementing an e-Commerce system or a Customer Sales Portal so that your customers can simply log in to the portal and order their items themselves. This will ease your sales teams’ time in taking customer orders and allow them to provide better customer service or troubleshooting to customers on an ad-hoc basis.

3. Smart Factories / IoT Technologies

In this era of digitalisation, innovating your system is the best way to retain your competitive edge. Instead of having your manpower complete their tasks manually, you can make use of integration such as weighing-scale integrations to collect and send weight information, machine sensors for exception notifications, or integrate other devices to transfer data between various systems automatically. Upgrading your equipment and system enables you to reduce reliance on manpower and run your business on a manpower-lean approach.

Inecom has extensive experience in helping companies with grant applications for their ERP investment – especially in SAP Business One projects. We use the Shark Finesse ROI Software (recommended by SAP) to build a value-based business case for your project investment. 

Join our webinar to find out everything you need to know about the EDG and how it can help you defray your costs in technology adoption.

Topics covered in the 30-minute webinar include:

  • Introduction to the Enterprise Development Grant.
  • The qualifying projects and costs covered by EDG.
  • Top tips to help you secure your grant funding!

After the webinar, all attendees are entitled to 1-week free trial of SAP Business One HANA on the cloud. 

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Webinar Registration – Up to 70% available for Technology projects; what you need to know about the EDG grant