Industry 4.0 and Compatible ERP Software for Manufacturers

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eIndustry 4.0 is not just a new term. Industry 4.0 is not an option.

If your company is in the manufacturing space, you would have heard of this fourth industrial revolution and how it will increasingly affect your business in the next decade.

In the changing world where consumers expect personalized products and services, manufacturers are facing challenges to improve their flexibility and speed to enable such individualized offerings. Their factory must be efficient and scalable to cater to small scale single lots as well as mass production. With Industry 4.0 technologies, companies will be able to optimize their processes and inventory stocks so as to meet these challenges.

Is your ERP software ready for Industry 4.0?

  • Flexible system to handle changes as Industry 4.0 unfolds

Can your ERP system quickly adapt to new processes and workflows as Industry 4.0 develops and companies and machines are more connected? Can you quickly deploy the solution on premise or on the cloud when you expand? Is the solution flexible so that you can scale up or down easily?

  • Top-floor to shop-floor integration

Is your production shop-floor data integrated with your supply chain system in real-time? Can your ERP application integrate directly with your smart machines? Are you able to see overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and other manufacturing analytics in real time and 3D so that it facilitates more informed decisions?

  • Inter-connected world

Can your ERP system support mobility, cloud computing, e-commerce integration and marketing automation?

  • Simpler user experiences

The applications that manage your financials, supply chain, procurement, production, workflow and internal controls, integration with customers, suppliers and other 3rd parties – are becoming more complex. However, the user experience should be as simple as possible. When new employees join, they must be able to operate these applications without lengthy training and hand-over sessions. This is an important criteria for an agile producer.

Management staff should be able to analyse the company’s data when your product and service offering changes. Instead of pre-fixed report layouts, companies must be able to slice-and-dice your business data easily. As technology advances, your ERP solution must be able to respond to natural language queries like ‘Analyse my sales performance for the last quarter’.

To support these requirements, your ERP system must have continuous R&D in ‘big-data’ and ‘machine learning’ capabilities.

Read more about the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index, a diagnostic tool for companies to evaluate their progress on transitioning to Industry 4.0.

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