Smart ERP series | 5 reasons for replacing your legacy system – Integration

This is part of the Smart ERP series program. To achieve the objectives of digital transformation – to serve your customers better and to become a company that is adaptable to changes – you have to replace your legacy accounting or ERP system.

In each of the series, we will discuss one key technology area and how it can help your business. In today’s series, we focus on integration.

IV. Integration

The increasing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses have changed the way we work and live.

A simple example are smart home hubs – everything from TV to refrigerators and air conditioners can be monitored and controlled within a smart home hub, at the click of a button click or voice command.

This home hub example applies aptly to ERP software. Leading ERP vendors now position themselves as digital hubs and not just ERP software providers. Integrated with the companies’ multiple point solutions like mobile apps, warehouse management and delivery solutions, ERP solutions becomes the central point to process data, integrating and enabling decision making.

It is also no longer enough for ERP solutions to just integrate internal departments and solutions. They also need to seamlessly integrate and exchange data in real-time with external solutions. Some examples of external solutions include customer and supplier Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), bank integration, and most importantly IoT (Internet of Things) device sensors.

One of the major reasons that businesses are held back from embarking on such integration projects is they are operating on legacy accounting or ERP systems: 

  • Legacy systems tend to have large code bases and poor documentation. The system’s complexity discourages developers from experimenting or integrating with new technology because even small tweaks can cause the system to malfunction.
  • It is harder to train or find qualified technicians to work with outdated technology. 

SAP offers SAP Business One HANA solution with ‘easy-to-integrate’ tools for integration with external solutions in real time. Using the next generation API (Application Programming Interfaces) like Service Layer API Technology and the Integration Framework for SAP Business One. Companies can create scenarios and connect devices for their digital transformation with relative ease.

Inecom is preparing its customers for the next stage in the digital revolution. Contact us to find out how we could be helping your company.

Watch this video to see a factory automation system which is configured to SAP Business One.

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