Smart ERP series | 5 reasons for replacing your legacy system – SAP HANA

This is part of the Smart ERP series program. To achieve the objectives of digital transformation – to serve your customers better and to become a company that is adaptable to changes – you have to replace your legacy accounting or ERP system.

In each of the series, we will discuss one key technology area and how it can help your business. In today’s series, we focus on SAP HANA as a digital hub and how it can help you achieve maximum value from your digital investment.

V. SAP HANA – The digital hub

Digital technologies such as mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are dramatically reshaping industries. While many have been focusing on their digital path, they often miss out reviewing whether their existing key enterprise software systems are compatible for digital transformation. If companies are using rigid and legacy ERP systems, they will limit the value of their digital investments.

Leading the evolution from legacy systems to an integrated digital core, SAP has introduced SAP HANA, the world’s leading translytical database and digital platform. Through more efficient storage and faster performance, translytical databases can handle both transaction processing and analytical processing in real-time and concurrently. These advances are rapidly obsoleting traditional databases, which struggle to support real-time applications, mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT) effectively.

Examples of SAP HANA in practice are:

  • At the point of transaction, the system can analyse the buying behaviour of that customer and customers of a similar profile using machine learning capabilities. The application can recommend items that may be of interest to the customer and assist sales staff in promoting items and hence maximising revenue.
  • Users can view customer analytics relevant to that transaction to aid decision making. For example, at the Quotation screen, you can see the outstanding AR or payment patterns for that customer before approving a discount or before converting the quote to a Sales Order.
  • SAP HANA has a superior search function that allows users to search data within the system without the need to open a transaction screen. For example, the user can type a customer reference number and all quotations, sales orders, and purchase orders relating to that reference number will be displayed. The user can filter the information further like reviewing only outstanding deliveries for that reference number.

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