Inecom-SAP User Group Meeting and 15th Anniversary Party – July 2019

On last Thursday, Inecom held its biannual User Group Meeting plus our 15th Anniversary party!

1) User Group Meeting

During the User Group Meeting, we shared about these topics: 

1. Market Trends and new SAP technologies.

  • ROI calculations for your IT project investments – e.g. IoT projects.

2. Your SAP Infrastructure.

  • Benefits of Single Sign-on and Terminal Server.
  • High Availability vs Disaster Recovery – how to choose.

3. SAP Licensing Explained

4. Maintaining your SAP B1 system.

  • SAP B1 Password management.
  • SQL database management.
  • HANA database management.

5. Reporting in SAP B1 – a comprehensive comparison of all the reporting tools available for SQL and HANA.

6. Support updates.

2) 15th Anniversary Party!


After the meeting concluded, our customers and staff bonded over a sumptuous feast, including a cake to celebrate Inecom’s 15th Anniversary!

inecom group photo inecom candle blowing tea break discussion

Thank you for your support towards Inecom and we will continue striving to do our best.