Seminar – Inecom Business Day (20th September 2019)

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Unlike in the past where digital transformation was only for industry leaders or large corporations, digital innovation is now essential to ensure competitiveness in a dynamic business environment. 65% of SMEs in an OCBC poll last year believe going digital is necessary to stay relevant, and half have already started on digitalisation.

For our Inecom Business Day, we will be having a series of talks covering various aspects of digital transformation – from what technologies to invest in, to the grants available for local SMEs, as well as how you can approach data protection, which is crucial due to the upsurge in digitally transmitted data across all industries. 

Please register by clicking below. You may select the talks separately, or select all if you are interested to come for the whole afternoon. 


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About Inecom Group

Inecom is Singapore’s Top SAP Business One HANA Partner. We are a one-stop solution provider of ERP for SMEs, business analytics, mobility, cloud, IoT and intelligent systems integrator. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions with high success rates and long-term customer satisfaction. Our rapid implementation methodology is supported by our industry template solutions like manufacturing, metal fabrication, project costing/progress billing, service and repair and warehouse management.

Adaptus, part of the Inecom Group, is a leading systems integrator for cloud-based infrastructure services. We specialise in the hosting of ERP solutions, e-commerce portals and security solutions for the cloud. With over 6 years of experience in HANA technology, our engineers are well versed in providing cost-effective hosting solutions for our customers and regional SAP partners.