Webinar – Drive customer acquisition and revenues with SAP Business One CRM

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Get more value out of your SAP Business One system!

Are you aware that CRM applications can increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%?

SAP Business One already has powerful CRM functionality that you, as an SAP User, can benefit from and easily implement.

Please see below some of the key benefits of SAP Business One CRM.

1. Seamless Integration

Unlike other CRM solutions, SAP Business One CRM is part of the overall ERP system. Data flows and transactions are copied from the CRM modules to the accounting, production, inventory and purchasing modules.

For example, users can create a new opportunity in the system and relate quotations to that opportunity. Upon confirmation of a quotation, it will be copied into a sales order, which can in turn translate to a production order, back to back purchase order or picklist for warehouse staff to deduct from inventory.

If you use 3rd party solutions this integration has to be built, which is costly and never as intuitive as with a purposely designed and wholly integrated solution.

2. Mobility 

SAP Business One comes with a sales mobile app. This application enables sales staff to have easy access to critical functionality and data while on the move.

Users can view their dashboards, check and edit activities, record notes during or after a meeting, check inventory levels and customer information. The application also enables users to create documents such as sales opportunities, quotations or sales orders.

3. SAP Business One CRM Integration with Microsoft Outlook

SAP Business One comes with extensive integration capabilities with Microsoft Outlook. Users can synchronise their Outlook and SAP tasks and calendars. Easily upload and record emails to documents or business partners and receive alerts from their SAP system via Outlook. Sales staff can even use Outlook to generate quotations without leaving their Outlook interface.

4. Integrated Business Intelligence

SAP Business One HANA comes with Dashboards and KPIs, Transanalytical and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to help drive sales revenue. 

By recording and tracing all historical and active data, SAP B1 gives you a complete view of your customers; you can analyse the revenue / profit from each customer, delivery logistics effectiveness and the buying behaviours of that customer and customers of a similar profile. These features help your sales team in decision-making and enables them to accurately promote the relevant products to customers to increase revenues. 

Would you like to know more?

Please join us for our upcoming CRM Webinar for all existing SAP B1 users!

30th October 2019 (Wednesday), 2pm – 3pm SGT

Who should attend
Directors, managers and senior executives responsible for improving sales processes. 


How to register
Please submit the form on the right-hand side, or call Pris @ 6225-9255.



Webinar – Drive customer acquisition and revenues with SAP Business One CRM