Webinar – Best Practices for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

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The wholesale distribution sector is critical in ensuring that consumers have access to goods at competitive prices. The supply chain efficiency of a trading company can directly impact its cost-competitiveness and in turn, profitability. 

Join our webinar to see how Business One – SAP’s ERP solution for SMEs, can help you achieve best practices in your wholesale distribution supply chain;

  • Automate back-office processes with EDI integration with customers, suppliers and subcontractors, PEPPOL e-Invoicing and integration with e-Commerce platforms.
  • Manage demand volatility by outlining demand drivers, channels and seasonality using  an intelligent inventory forecasting tool.
  • Apply fast and reliable data collection technologies like bar code and QR codes scanning.
  • Optimize your warehouse operations using wave picking, cross docking and paperless picking.
  • Stay on top of your business’s cash flow with our cashflow forecasting tool.

20th May 2020 (Wednesday), 3pm – 4pm SGT

Who should attend
Directors, managers and senior executives in charge of business processes.


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Webinar – Best Practices for the Wholesale Distribution Industry