Web Training – Customized Reports and Customization Projects

SAP Business One is a packaged ERP solution, yet at the same time, it has the capability of supporting unique business needs and industry-specific obligations.

In this session, we will discuss what you have to prepare if you have any customized reports and projects in mind. We will also go through the best practices of customization – Dos and Don’ts – so that you do not end up with a ERP system that cannot be upgraded.

Some of the items covered include;

a) For customized reports – document what you require e.g. report formats, parameter selection, sorting sequence and more.

b) For customization projects – 

  • Identify must have and nice to have information/features.
  • Understand different customization methods – SDK, Service layer, Transaction Notifications, Light-weight add-on, B1iF – how to decide which development tool to use.
  • SAP’s rules on updating of data tables – what is allowed, what is not.
  • Performance – consider the performance of the customization when there are years of transaction data.

c) Engaging 3rd party company for customization work –

  • What to consider and how to support the system after the customization goes live.
  • Understand your contractual obligations.

Target Audience: IT Manager, Operations Manager, Finance Manager, Key Users

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***

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