4 Top Tips for Remote ERP Implementation

4 top tips for remote erp implementation - 2

As the world settles down from Covid-19 lockdown policies and moves to the new normal, there will be permanent changes to the workplace such as the rise of remote work. Remote work processes should empower your staff to complete critical tasks and make decisions remotely. But how does this apply to ERP implementations?

It is important to understand that remote ERP implementations aren’t new, Inecom has implemented in countries across the world without always being physically present. But the extent of the circuit breaker measures has posed challenges. Here are some of our tips on how to complete successful remote ERP implementations:

1. The barriers are not as great as they seem!

Our implementation teams reported that although they feared that remote project implementation could result in limited interaction, this actually wasn’t the case. In fact, remote project implementation, with strong collaboration tools, was in ways more productive as it was easier to toggle screen sharing between attendees which helped in better understanding.

From a technical point of view, an implementation can be completed remotely without much difference or impact on the process. You might actually fact find your costs reduced, as you will not have to pay fees related to travel, and it might be easier to schedule meetings since staff no longer have to be physically present.

2. Aim for a meeting size of 5 to 7 for key discussions.

Various research studies have shown that a team of 5 to 7 members is optimal for productivity. This is because the team is large enough to allow for independent ideas from members, while still being small enough for easy coordination and communication. 

3. Focus on prompt communication. 

Effective communication is key to all collaborative work, but especially remotely. Setting good communication foundations and ground rules for an ERP project implementation is key and should be discussed and agreed prior to starting the project. For example, email response times, communication officers, collaboration tools and modes of communication, proper documentation and more regular project review meetings. 

4. Don’t neglect the importance of building relationships! 

Relationships not only impacts the success of a project implementation; it also sets the tone for a long-term partnership. Inecom encourages some personal sharing during meetings so that team members understand one another on a more personal basis. Such practices, together with our record of customer service are reasons why we proudly maintain our 98% customer retention rate.

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