Top tips to protect your SAP systems against Ransomware

In a recent Business Times article, it was reported that ransomware cases in Singapore rose 154% in 2020. Originally considered an isolated and limited risk, ransomware has evolved into a significant threat which severely impacts organisations of all sizes and industries.

We would like share some tips on how to protect your SAP Business One systems against ransomware threats.

1. Patch Management

  • Review all Windows, VMWare, Unix, NAS software and patch levels and ensure security patches are performed.
  • Subscribe to SingCert to be notified of critical security patches.

2. Ensure that your system and data are backed up regularly.

  • Discuss with your IT vendor on the type of backup to perform – VM/ Instance/ Server, schema backup and off-site backup.
  • Always remember to regularly test your backup!

3. Raise the level of cybersecurity awareness within your team.

  • Prepare your employees and educate them on cyber threats, such as phishing and email scams.

4. Review your SAP B1 password policy regularly.

  • Review password policy that could have been implemented many years ago – e.g. minimum characters, mix of alpha-number-special characters.
  • Implement the change of B1 passwords regularly – e.g. quarterly, half-yearly.
  • Password lockout after a number of unsuccessful attempts.
  • Remember to de-activate the SAP logins for employees who have left the company!

5. Check and ensure only necessary applications are installed.

  • Remove all unnecessary applications on B1 Server or Terminal Server.

Should you require additional protection for your onsite server, we offer Disaster Recovery services to protect your business against virus and malware attacks

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