Web Training – What to consider when migrating your on-premise SAP Business One solution to the cloud

The new norm is to work from home or have the ability for employees to work from home when workplace rules change.

If you need to replace your existing on-premise server or is reviewing your IT/hardware/network needs, consider migrating your SAP Business One application to the cloud.

In this session, we will cover;

  • On-premise server setup – remember to review SAP’s approved hardware list, backup options, off-site backup, ongoing security patches for your server/ backup devices and replacement costs when you upgrade or when you have additional requirements like integration and new entities.
  • Understand your cloud options
    • Private or Public cloud.
    • Secure connection when you require integration from mobile applications, Warehouse Management or Fleet Management devices, or integration between systems – types of SSL, IPSEC.
    • Adaptus-Telstra vs AWS vs Azure or other cloud hosting service providers – not all cloud hosting packages are the same!
  • Data security and backups – it is more than back-up and testing of backup!
  • Scalability – How easily can you scale up or down with a cloud hosting solution.

Target audience: Managers, Key Users and SAP IT support

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***

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