Webinar – Challenges of Digital Supply Chain Strategy

The benefits of digital supply chain are well understood – when executed well, it results in increased productivity, streamlining of processes and clearer data visibility. 

Lesser known, however, are the potential issues and risks which companies have to keep in mind. 

Join our webinar where we will discuss the potential concerns of a digital supply chain and and ways to mitigate them: 

1. Scalability

An ERP system is the starting point of a digital supply chain. The right ERP system should be adaptable to various circumstances – for example, if there is a sudden increase in orders, or if there is an immediate need to switch to remote work. 

2. E-Commerce and Marketplace Integration

E-Commerce is on the rise and there is a growing number of e-Commerce platforms anywhere from Shopee/Lazada to GrabMart and Redmart. Is your digital supply chain able to cope with new online sales platforms?

3. Process Gaps

Inefficiencies arise when there are gaps in your digital supply chain. If your staff are spending a significant amount of time in office to update documents such as delivery orders, sales orders and service reports into the system, consider using mobility solutions which will allow them to retrieve information and complete transactions on the go. 

Our focus for this webinar will be on the Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing and Service & Repair industries.

27th April 2022 (Wednesday), 10:30am – 11:30am SGT

Who should attend
Directors, managers and senior executives responsible for business processes.