Web Training – SAP Business One Tips and Tricks to improve the usability of your SAP Business One system

Your all-time favorite web training is back!

In this session, we will cover:

  • Usability Tips and Tricks
    • Multiple ways to enter dates.
    • Standard shortcut keys in B1.
    • How to customize shortcut keys.
    • Check task bar.
    • Make pop-up message re-appear.
    • Quick way to change field description.
    • Sort field sequence on rows and UDFs.
    • Use Filter to simplify the data in the table.
    • Lock SAP Business One screen.
    • Find out which users are accessing B1.
    • Preview JE before posting.
    • Power of referenced documents.
    • Check field lengths in B1.
    • Check SAP sent email status.
  • Available in version 10 only
    • Show or hide toolbar in B1.
    • Resize User-Forms automatically.
    • Check the change log for user group.
    • Save User Queries to SAP Main Menu.
    • Set a Substitute authorizer when Authorizer is away.
    • Set flexible default for “Valid Until” date.
    • Grant authorization to duplicate documents to the relevant users only.
    • Set authorization for Copy table function.
    • Hide inactive contact persons in BP master.

Target audience: Finance Manager, Key Finance Users, Key Operations Users, SAP IT Support

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***

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