Web Training – What to consider for integration of 3rd party systems with SAP Business One

Are you planning to integrate your online store, CRM system, logistics services or warehouse shelving/storage system with SAP Business One? If you are, join us in this web session and we will go through the points you may wish to consider when integrating 3rd party systems with SAP Business One.

The points covered in this session include;

  • Technical documentation for integration:
    • API details.
    • Type of file formats e.g. JSON, csv files.
    • Integration points
      • Which master files/transactions?
      • One-way or 2-way update of data?
    • How to retrieve data – call from 3rd party solution to SAP API or SAP to have a scheduled-program to call 3rd party solution?
    • Frequency of data update required.
  • Integration methods:
    • SAP Integration Hub
    • B1iF
    • SDK

Target audience: Managers, Key Operations Users, SAP IT Support

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***

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