4 signs it’s time to evaluate your legacy system

Your current system has served you for a long time, and it can be tempting to keep it going as it is still performing its original role well.

Why change if it is not broken?

These are four signs that your legacy system may need to be replaced soon:

1. Excessive loading times for transactions and report generation.

Due to outdated technology and programming, legacy systems suffer from excessive load times compared to modern systems.

While the impact to your business may not be immediately apparent, the inefficiencies accumulate over time as transaction volume increases and is also likely to result in loss of employee productivity. 

2. Your system is incompatible with the latest hardware and software.

When you replace your server or buy new PCs / notebooks, you may have been advised to downgrade the operating system or Office applications as your system is incompatible with the newest hardware and software offerings. 

While there is no rule against downgrading system software, it is well-understood that older hardware and software are more susceptible to malware and security breaches.

According to Sophos’ State of Ransomware 2022 survey, 65% of Singaporean organizations were hit by ransomware in 2021. It is important for companies to be vigilant and have cybersecurity measures in place, which includes auditing their legacy systems and IT assets.

3. Increasing difficulty in finding vendors to maintain your system.

Most systems will reach their end of life eventually, a point where vendors discontinue system support and updates to the legacy system.

In these situations, customers will face difficulties finding partners or vendors to maintain their system, as most vendors will not inherit a system that has been customized by a previous vendor. 

4. Inability to integrate with new technologies.

Online shopping, mobile solutions, PayNow, Industry 4.0 automation, IMDA’s InvoiceNow e-invoices and RFID systems are just some of the new technology norms that have emerged in recent years.

Customers and employees are expecting organizations to offer, or support these technologies to enhance customer and user experience. If you have a legacy system, it is likely that your system is unable to integrate with these technologies.

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