How to housekeep and delete Change Logs in SAP Business One

There is no hard and fast rule for change log retention policy – it is subjective to each company. The change log records that an organization keeps may depend on their retention policy.

In SAP Business One, you can go to Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Services tab.

As per below print screen, you can set the no. of log records to keep as per your organization’s retention policy. There is no limitation on how many records that you can keep.

The log file saves the history of changes made in master records (items, business partners, and G/L accounts), documents and other windows in SAP Business One. This setting is updated per company, for all users.

If the log information exceeds the no. of logs/records that you have set, the system will delete the earliest change logs and keep the latest records as per setting.

Change Logs Cleanup

Change logs provide important information for audit trials but with every log, the “Change Log” information stored will grow in size.

You can go to Administration > Utilities > Change Logs Cleanup to clear off some change logs up to a desired date. This helps to free up space in your company databases. However, do take note that this feature is available from SAP Business One 9.3.

The Change Logs Cleanup utility tool shows the size of change logs recorded for various objects, transactions and you can choose which ones should be deleted.

You can choose the date to which the logs will be deleted at “Clean Up Logs Until” as per above print screen.

Once the change log data is deleted, it is irreversible. You can also view the size of the data that was removed from your company database after the cleanup is completed.