Web Training – What to prepare for the upcoming GST changes in 2023?

We have received many requests to repeat the 2023 GST Changes web-training. We hear you and this is what we will be covering.

  1. If you want to use the existing GST codes
    • How to update the new GST rate.
  2. If you want to create new GST codes
    • How to create the new GST codes and update the new GST rate.
    • How to set the old GST code to Inactive.
    • How to update the default Tax Group in BP Master Data.
  3. Impact on GST reports and printed documents
  4. Handling scenarios
    • Sales Order created in 2022 but Invoice in 2023.
    • Partially delivered Sales Order in 2022.
    • Credit Notes in 2023.
    • Sales Return created in 2022.
    • AR Down Payment Invoice created in 2022.

Target audience: Finance Manager, Key Finance Users

*** Please note that this event is open to Inecom customers only. ***

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