Inecom Christmas Celebration 2022

Inecom wishes you an early Merry Christmas!

For this year’s Inecom Christmas Celebration, we had a Zoom session earlier in the day together with our colleagues to reflect back on this year’s achievements and highlights, as well as voting for our favourite Christmas video prepared by our teams.

It was lovely seeing our colleagues demonstrating their dancing and singing talents! 

In the evening we had our Christmas dinner – while being treated to good food, each of us took turns to spin the Wheel of Fortune for our mystery gift exchange. The “Best Dresses Award” was another delightful surprise as our colleagues came dressed in Christmas elements and even a Pikachu costume!

This year has passed in a blink and we are fast approaching year 2023.

A big thank you to our customers, partners and team of staff for your support and hard work in 2022. All the best in achieving our goals in 2023!