What is ‘Enterprise Search’ in SAP Business One


What is ‘Enterprise Search’ in SAP Business One

Watch a quick demonstration of ‘Enterprise Search’ in SAP Business One.

The Enterprise Search function in SAP Business One helps users to easily search for any information relating to transactions within the system.  

When your staff are managing high order volumes, it can be challenging for them to remember the full details about their transactions such as customer names, item names and quantities, order dates as well as any additional requests or remarks by customers. This results in operational bottlenecks (where users still rely on manual processes such as Word or Excel to track important transactions) and increases the risk of customer dissatisfaction should they fail to receive prompt responses from your team.  

SAP Business One’s Enterprise Search function eliminates this issue by performing as an internal search engine for all your transactions. Users can search for any transaction within the system by simply entering a complete or partial search term from any transaction that they wish to check, and the system will show a list of all transactions which contain the search terms that the user enters. 

The search function even works for free text fields to enable your users to search through any additional remarks or comments pertaining to specific transactions, which enhances usability as they can easily note down any special comments or customers requests into any transaction to be easily found using Enterprise Search. 

Users can further drill down the search results according to transaction status (for example, open or closed orders) and across transaction types such as Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Sales Delivery, Sales Returns, AR Invoices, AR Credit Notes and more. This ensures easy access to all transactions within the system, helping businesses improve service responsiveness and increasing business productivity.   

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