Inecom Webinar – Best Practices for the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2023

Best Practices for the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2023


The pharmaceutical industry is notable for its stringent compliance requirements such as strict quality requirements, lot traceability, expiry date tracking among other compliance regulations.

It is therefore critical for pharmaceutical companies to address any gaps in their operational workflow. This includes tracking inventory flow, monitoring stock levels, preparing proper documentation to ensure safety protocols, while also meeting customer requirements and providing responsive service.

Join Inecom in our 1-hour webinar where we will share best practices for pharmaceutical companies to strike a balance between compliance regulations and business profitability.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Mastering regulatory compliance for inventory management.
  • Strategies for optimising your supply chain management.
  • Harnessing technologies such as AI, IoT, and RPA to enhance business efficiency and decision-making.


  • Jamie Hon, Business Consultant, Inecom Singapore

25th October 2023 (Wednesday), 2pm to 3pm SGT

Who should attend
Business owners, department heads, and executives across business functions.