Are You Ready? Malaysia’s National E-Invoicing Initiative

Are You Ready? Malaysia’s National E-Invoicing Initiative


The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia has announced the National E-Invoicing Initiative, a digitalization platform that enables different accounting software and ERP systems to send and receive e-invoices in an efficient system-to-system manner.

The e-Invoicing initiative aims to boost business operational efficiency, improve tax reporting accuracy and help businesses stay compliant. It applies to all taxpayers engaged in commercial activities within Malaysia, covering both domestic and international transactions.

Between August 2024 and July 2025, the mandatory E-Invoicing requirement will be rolled out to all taxpayer companies:

Inecom’s SAP Business One Malaysia e-Invoicing solution is fully compliant with IRBM’s requirements and enables real-time sending of documents over the E-Invoicing digital platform.

To find out more about preparing your business for Malaysia’s E-Invoicing initiative, contact our team for a further consultation. 

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