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SAP Business One is a flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective ERP solution for SMEs. The system will deliver benefits of automating and integrating business processes, real-time insights on key business data, improving client relationships and more.

While the solution can be incredibly valuable when it’s working properly, it can cause major disruption to your business if it isn’t. Choosing the right vendor to support your system is critical.

Is Inecom your right partner?

  • Our Focus

There is an old saying – Jack of all trades, master of none. At Inecom, we believe that specialization leads to greater economic efficiency and our clients can benefit from our experience and domain knowledge in their specific industries.

We are focused on the implementation and support of one ERP solution – SAP Business One. When you invest in the Business One solution, we will work with you to fully utilize what the standard software can offer. In addition, we aim to be micro-vertical experts and offer solutions and pre-configured templates/add-ons to keep your ERP investment low. When you require some specific workflow or changes to the templates and add-ons, we will add parameters to turn on or off the features instead of developing a unique customization for your company. The benefit of doing this? The development and maintenance costs are shared by multiple clients and your solution is always upgrade compatible.

  • Our Team

The IT industry practice is to recruit new consultants and field them in support roles before deploying them to front-line implementation projects. At Inecom, we believe that delivering a successful project is important, but keeping the customer is equally vital.

Our dedicated support team comprises of consultants with years of project implementation experience. They are SAP certified, are well versed in accounting fundamentals, and have business processes knowledge in our focused industries.

To continuously upgrade and upskill our capabilities, we organize monthly internal training to our team. We cover topics like new versions of SAP system, new Inecom business templates, personal development and soft skills like communication, presentation and customer management workshops. Since becoming a SAP Business One partner 15 years ago, Inecom is consistently the top SAP vendor with the highest customer retention percentage.

  • SAP Business One Version Upgrade

SAP Business One is continuously upgraded to introduce new features which enhance system functionality and user experience. Inecom recommends our customers to upgrade their SAP Business One once every 3 years – they can also use this opportunity to add new customisations or upgrade their hardware. 

  • Our services – not just support

Whereas solving issues is the utmost important factor in the support contract, we go the extra mile. Our standard support contract includes;

  • SAP annual maintenance – this is a back-to-back contract with SAP.
  • Inecom Help desk support – this is to respond to your queries and troubleshooting of issues.
  • A support portal to log, track and escalate tickets.
  • Remote diagnostics of your SAP system.
  • Monthly web training – the user group votes on the training topics. Some examples are year-end closing, stock-take, report writing and data archive.
  • User group meeting – we organize seminars to keep our clients abreast of new releases of the SAP software and add-ons. Our customers also get the opportunity to network with other SAP customers, as well as get to chat with our consultants.
  • Downloads – you may download the web training documentation and recordings, SAP and Inecom documentation, support procedures etc.
  • Bi-yearly survey – we collect feedback from customers to help us continuously improve our service levels.

Whether you are considering an upgrade or a new implementation of SAP Business One, Inecom can provide you with the support you need for a seamless and successful transition.

Contact our team of consultants to find out more!

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