Free SAP Business One Web Training Schedule For 2020

Updated on 5th  December 2020.
No. Description Date
1. Inventory Management & Units of Measure (UOM) 16th Jan 2020
2. How to Correct Wrong Entries 19th Feb 2020
3. Standard B1 Mobile Apps (SQL and HANA) 18th Mar 2020


Matters relating to Singapore Government
a) Government grants for your IT projects
b) IMDA’s e-invoicing framework/ PEPPOL
16th Apr 2020
5. SQL and HANA Basic Administration 20th May 2020
6. SAP Business One Financial Tips and Tricks 17th Jun 2020
7. Electronic Approval 15th Jul 2020
8. Customized Reports and Customization Projects – What to prepare so that you don’t incur additional costs 19th Aug 2020
9. Best Practices for Managing SAP Users in B1 16th Sep 2020
10. The ABCs of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 15th Oct 2020
11. How to reconcile COGS, WIP, production variances and GL 18th Nov 2020
12. Year End and Stock Take Procedure 16th Dec 2020

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