Free SAP Business One Web Training Schedule For 2022

Updated on 5th  December 2021.
No. Description Date
1. What to consider when creating new entities in SAP Business One 13th Jan 2022
2. What to consider when migrating your on-premise SAP Business One solution to the cloud 17th Feb 2022
3. The power of Excel – copying information between Excel and SAP Business One, importing data with Excel and using Excel as a reporting tool 16th Mar 2022
4. Protection of your SAP Business One application 13th Apr 2022
5. SAP Business One Tips and Tricks to improve the usability of your SAP Business One system 10th May 2022
6. What to prepare for the upcoming GST changes in 2023? 14th Jun 2022
7. Audit log for compliance and auditing 20th Jul 2022
8. What to consider for integration of 3rd party systems with SAP Business One 16th Aug 2022
9. Basic query training – differences between SQL and HANA queries 20th Sep 2022
10. What to prepare for the upcoming GST changes in 2023? 20th Oct 2022
11. Managing Price Lists in B1 – customer specific, discounts, different UOMs, importing price list and more 16th Nov 2022
12. Month end, year end and stock take procedures 15th Dec 2022

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