Free SAP Business One Web Training Schedule For 2023

Updated on 20th  December 2023.
No. Description Date
1. Managing user accounts and authorizations in SAP B1. 17th Jan 2023
2. Understanding different types of SAP backup and what can be recovered in the event of system failure. 15th Feb 2023
3. Government grants for your SAP projects – including PSG, EDG, InvoiceNow Transaction Bonus and Lead Transact Grant. 16th Mar 2023
4. What’s new in the latest feature pack of SAP Business One version 10.0. 18th Apr 2023
5. How to setup Recurring Transactions and Recurring Postings in SAP B1. 17th May 2023
6. Setting up and working with Alerts in SAP B1. 15th Jun 2023
7. Understanding different types of Bill of Materials (BOM) in SAP Business One. 19th Jul 2023
8. How to correct wrong entries. 17th Aug 2023
9. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in SAP Business One. 19th Sep 2023
10. What to prepare for the upcoming GST changes in 2024? 18th Oct 2023
11. How to setup Approval Process in SAP Business One 9th Nov 2023
12. Month end, year end and stock take procedures 12th Dec 2023
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