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SAP Business One Industry Solutions

The default SAP Business One system is inbuilt with powerful features fit for most companies. To make SAP Business One even more tailored for our customers across various industries, Inecom has developed additional industry templates and solutions for SAP Business One. These templates come with useful and applicable functions which not only minimises your ERP implementation time, but also increases business productivity with a more seamless and streamlined workflow.

Here are some of our best practice templates for SAP Business One industry solutions:

  • WMS – improve your warehouse efficiency by implementing bar code/ QR code for goods receiving, paperless picking and stock take. Advanced features include integration with shelving storage or carousel systems.
  • Route, WIP and Production Scheduling – track production routes, schedule machine and labour resources, shop floor data collection using bar codes/RFID, production accounting and more. Micro templates include precision engineering, equipment manufacturers, injection molding, process manufacturing to handle customized formula, blending and packaging.
  • Project Claims and Billing, Job Costing and Project Reporting – manage BOQ, project budgets and approval of purchases and expenses, material delivery and installation, on-site/off-site material claims, progress claims, subcontractor claims and more.
  • Sales Documents Approval based on GP and Customer Credit/Rating– ensure that quotations and sales orders meet comprehensive GP and credit checks before they are released to customers. Perform document and row level checks like maximum discount % or minimum GP% by customer group; minimum line GP% by manufacturers; triggers approval when approved documents exceed set variances.

Click on each category below to see an introduction to our industry templates.

Read more about Inecom’s specific industry solutions for SAP Business One: Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Costing, Service and Repair and Equipment Leasing


SAP Business One for Manufacturing
With SAP Business One, we offer an integrated manufacturing solution to help companies gain visibility over their production processes, plan and manage their resources effectively and understand the true cost of the products they produce. The solution comprises of the following;

  • Bills of Material
  • Material Requisition
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Routing & WIP
  • Production Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Blending Production Order
  • Integration with CAD and PLM
  • Manufacturing Analytics

Read more about our Manufacturing solution.

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SAP Business One for Wholesale Trade & Distribution
Trading and distribution functionalities are the main requirements of most companies. This range from sales quotation, order taking, order fulfillment, inventory management and procurement management. The solution comprises of the following;

  • CRM Opportunity Management
  • Sales Web-portal
  • Comprehensive GP and Credit Approval
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Delivery Schedule Management
  • Warranty & Service Management
  • Warehouse Management System using barcode/ mobile device
  • Integration with 3PL
  • Mobility for Sales and Service workforce
  • Sales and Logistics Analytics

Read more about our Wholesale Trade & Distribution solution.

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SAP Business One for Project Cost Management & Progress Billing
The project-based software solution handles the requirements of companies that manage one-off projects like engineering construction, fabrication, prototyping and services. Our solution comprises of;

  • Project Tendering
  • Bills of Quantity
  • Project Budget
  • Project Costing
  • Variation Order
  • Project Retention
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Material on-site/off-site
  • Project Certification and Claim
  • Timesheet
  • Project Report and Analytics

Read more about our Project Costing solution.

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SAP Business One for Metal Fabrication
Our solution provides the functionality required for the metal distribution and processing industry; including the need to define multiple product attributes and specifications such as size, length, diameters, country of origin, brand and heat numbers. In addition, our solution helps companies to manage their inventory in different units of measure, ‘loose’ lengths and handles metal fabrication processes like slitting and galvanizing. The solution comprises of;

  • Comprehensive GP and Credit Approval
  • Inter-company Stock Enquiry
  • Delivery Schedule Management
  • Warehouse Management System using bar code/ mobile device
  • Mill Test Certificate
  • Metal Processing Manufacturing
  • Mobility for Sales and Service workforce
  • Reporting in MT
  • Sales and Logistics Analytics

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SAP Business One for Equipment Leasing
Companies who rent or lease machines and equipment require a system to manage and track their assets. Our ELTO solution comprises of;

  • Leased Assets Management
  • Asset Accounting – Acquisition, Depreciation, Disposal
  • Lease Rates – day, week, month
  • Lease Contracts
  • Reservation of Resource
  • Tracking of Resources
  • Billing Schedule
  • Deferred Income Accounting
  • Write Down of Leased Assets

Read more about our Equipment Leasing solution.

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SAP Business One for Service & Repair
Companies who specialize in heavy maintenance, component repair or equipment overhaul require solutions that facilitate the service and asset lifecycle. In addition to quotation handling, supply chain logistics, cost tracking and invoicing, our solution comprises of;

  • Warranty & Service Contract
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Knowledge Base
  • Pre-defined Repair and Service Sequences
  • Service/ Rotable Items
  • Job Costing and Timesheets
  • Service Web-portal
  • Mobility for Service Workforce
  • Billing and Revenue Recognition Schedule

Read more about our Service and Repair solution.

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