Manufacturing Webinar

24th March 2017 (Friday),  11:00 am – 12:30 pm SGT
Webinar – How modern manufacturing companies are utilising technology

It was reported that Singapore’s manufacturing output in December 2016 increased 21.3% as compared to a year ago. Though demand may be returning, most manufacturers accept that they cannot return to the reliance on cheaper labour costs to meet that demand. With tighter labour market, investments in productivity improvements is the only way to plug the gap.

The Singapore government continues to incentivise manufacturers for implementing Industry 4.0. These include the use of robotics, modern ERP solutions, connected and integrated machinery (Internet of Things), cloud computing platforms and business intelligence software analysing large volumes of data. The benefits of embracing this principle are numerous and include greater control of production costs, better resource utilisation and improved cash flow, to name a few.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to see how Inecom and SAP Business One HANA can help you gain competitive advantage over other manufacturers and prepare for the next stage of Industrialization.

根据发布的数据, 2016年12月制造业产值比前年同期增长21.3%。虽然产业需求可能有所回升,但大多数制造商认为他们无法回到依靠低廉劳动成本,以满足这一需求的水平。随着劳动市场的紧缩,提高生产率是弥补这差距的唯一途径。

新加坡政府将致力于积极推动制造工业4.0的项目实施。这项目包括使用机器人,现代化集成 ERP 解决方案,连接和集成机械(物联网),云端运算平台和商业智能软件以分析大量数据。建立在这些基础原则上,制造商能够享有无穷的好处,包括有效率控制生产成本,提高利用资源和改善现金流等。

请加入我们即将举办的网络研讨会,以了解Inecom 和 SAP Business One HANA 如何帮助您的企业获得优越的竞争优势,为下一阶段的工业革命做好准备。

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