SAP Business One for Wholesale Distribution

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With SAP Business One, we offer an integrated wholesale distribution solution to help companies gain visibility over their sales and product profitability, manage diverse inventories, and have better control over their supply chain.

We specialise in out-of-the-box industry templates and solutions. These templates reduce the time to implement your ERP software and let you achieve rapid ROI on your systems investment.

Here are some of our wholesale distribution best practice templates;

    • Wholesale Distribution for Business-to-Business companies
    • Wholesale Distribution for Business-to-Consumer companies
    • Wholesale Distribution for eCommerce companies

The template includes these functions;

    • CRM Opportunity Management
    • Sales Web-portal
    • Comprehensive GP and Credit Approval
    • Intelligent Inventory Forecasting
    • Delivery Schedule Management
    • Warranty & Service Management
    • Warehouse Management System using barcode / mobile device
    • Integration with 3PL
    • Mobility for Sales and Service workforce
    • Sales and Logistics Analytics
    • Integration with PEPPOL e-Invoicing Network (Optional)

Our customers that are using our wholesale distribution templates;

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