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SAP Business One by Inecom Singapore – Top SAP Business One Partner in Singapore

SAP Business One (SAP B1) is a powerful ERP software solution that offers an affordable way to automate and manage your entire business – from CRM, sales and services to distribution, manufacturing and finance operations.

Executives and managers can have real-time access to their business data via a web browser, mobile device or traditional client-server access. With features like exception alerts, electronic approvals, workflow management, dashboard and KPI reporting, SAP Business One helps companies see clearly and react quickly. The self-service analytics tools in HANA make it possible for operational users to access, transform and visualise data in real time, without the traditional IT hand-holding.

Highlights of the SAP Business One solution;

  • Wholesale and Distribution – GP and credit control; inventory forecast and optimization.
  • WMS – Warehouse Management System / QR code solution.
  • Advanced Manufacturing – Routing, WIP, MRP, production scheduling, shop-floor data collection with barcode capabilities.
  • Advanced Project Management – Project budgets, milestone progress billing, time and material progress billing, retention amounts, installation and certification, project claims, and P&L by projects.
  • Sales Mobile App – Enables sales staff to access and update sales activities and opportunities, and review relevant customer information on-the-go. 
  • Service Mobile App Enables on-site technicians / service workers to access and update service schedules, servicing jobs and capture customers’ e-Acknowledgment. 
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence – Dashboards, KPI, Interactive Analytics, Excel-based reporting and SAP HANA.
  • Inter-Company and Consolidation – Financial reporting for listed companies and reporting to HQ.

Read more about Inecom’s specific industry solutions for SAP Business One: Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Costing, Service and Repair and Equipment Leasing

SAP HANA – The Business Data Platform

SAP HANA® is a business data platform which converges transactions and analytics on a single in-memory platform. It uses native predictive and machine learning algorithms to offer live data-driven insights, giving users a full overview of their situational context to make decisions in real-time.  

With SAP Business One, version for HANA, you can accelerate business processes and get live intelligence on your enterprise data.

Here are some of SAP HANA’s capabilities;

  • Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) – Provides users with relevant information in real-time, empowering them to communicate confidently and concisely with customers. Examples include: real-time in-system analysis of the customer’s/ similar customers’ buying behaviour to recommend items, displaying outstanding AR / customer’s payment patterns to determine the possibility of a discount or order acceptance and more.  
  • Enterprise Search – This is a best-in-class search function for users to search any data in the system (even text/ remark fields!) without having to open any transaction screens.
  • Intelligent Inventory Forecast – Interact with built-in statistical forecast algorithms to analyse inventory levels and optimise your demand according to observable trends or seasonal factors.
  • Cash Flow Forecast – An interactive tool to help with real-time cash flow projections based on selection criteria like specific documents, certainty levels and timeline.
  • Ease of Management – As a modern, all-in-one business data platform, you can manage your IT landscape with greater ease than before.

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